The Ford Mustang is Undergoing New Changes to Its Sound

There's nothing more satisfying than hearing the purr of a Mustang engine. The vibrations are powerful, the roar is intense, and there's no better feeling than being in the driver's seat when you're accelerating. Every sound the Mustang makes is as precise as the tech that powers the vehicle itself, and it's all about to change.

Audio engineers at Ford have been working to develop an exhaust system with adjustable acoustics. This system will enable you to change how your Mustang sounds simply by pressing a button - that's right! Your engine will now be able to put into a quiet mode easily, as well as an ultra-loud mode if you want to make an entrance somewhere.

Doe that sound intriguing? If so, then come by State College Ford anytime in the near future to see for yourself exactly how this system works. Take the Mustang out for a test drive and see what Ford audio engineers have spent years perfecting.


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